All applications where cooling technologies provide temperature control of industrial processes or products, and in production and storage of food and beverages.

Mitsubishi Electric  Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems

All applications where cooling solutions provide extremely precise precise temperature, humidity control and air filtration for ICT data centres and Telecom applications.

All applications where hydronic and all-air systems control environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and air quality) in human occupied spaces, with a focus on energy saving and noise emissions.

Product Overview   -   HYDRONICS SYSTEMS

Since 2008, at GENAQ we have been investing in the research, development and industrialization of atmospheric water generators, offering the market a variety of water generation units as well as customised developments for specific needs. As a result of this development, the 4th generation of GENAQ water generators is already in operation in more than 45 countries around the world.  
GENAQ is part of an industrial group that possesses more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing HVAC and refrigeration units. 

​GENAQ is your ultimate Solution to solve your water challenges

  • No access to water network where you need it?

  • Logistical challenges to transport water in emergency situations?

  • Problems with the quality of the water you drink?

  • Suffering water restrictions due to drought?

  • Tired of buying and transporting expensive bottled water?

  • In need of the highest water purity  for your industrial processes?

  • Concerned about the environmental impact due to the water you use (plastic bottles, desalination, pollution,…)?

 Now you can generate the purest water anywhere you need it, by condensing water from air humidity in an autonomous and economic way using a GENAQ portable atmospheric water generator (AWG) .

Solve your own water challenges and help preserve the planet by using a renewable resource, and, without generating any waste.

GENAQ    -   Overview