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​Our technology can help to produce pure drinking water in locations with water physical scarcity and arrive places with water facilities in no sanitary conditions.
And what is more important it is done in a cost efficient and renewable way and without waste production.

​Anywhere you need water

Our atmospheric water generators produce water wherever it is needed and in the required quantity for consumption. In addition they are portable, so you can easily transport them.
They also function in arid climates with temperatures over 50ºC (122F) and relative humidity lower than 20%, and also in industrial or polluted areas, where our technology ensures high quality drinking water


A GENAQ atmospheric water generator obtains drinking water through the condensation of water vapor contained in the atmospheric air. It uses the thermodynamic cycle with mechanical refrigeration technology with an advanced electronic control.

Technological improvements have been developed to increase efficiency and, thereby, reduce energy consumption and maximize water generation.

In order to ensure the highest quality of water, the process includes air and water treatments to eliminate suspended particles in the atmosphere and water soluble volatile organic compounds, to increase water mineralisation for drinking water, and to ensure proper conservation for stored water.​
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The highest water quality

Thanks to our triple filtration system, a GENAQ atmospheric water generator produces pure drinking water with the highest quality and purity with low mineralisation, free from biologic contamination, and with excellent physical and chemical properties even in industrial or polluted areas.
It is ideal for human consumption and for other purposes such as preparation of food, irrigation, water supply to animals,…
Produced water complies with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards for drinking water and is certified by European health authorities.


Only air and a source of energy are required, with no need for water collection, storage or distribution facilities.
It can operate in remote locations without being connected to the power supply network using solar panels, wind turbines or a diesel power unit.

No installation

Forget expensive installation works.
You just need to plug it to start producing pure drinking water.
The best option for obtaining water in remote locations and when the location where you need water changes periodically.

As much as you need

One size for every need. Our compact generators have production capacities ranging from 50 to 5,000 liters per day in nominal conditions.
They can produce water even in arid climates with temperature over 50ºC (122F) and relative humidity lower than 20%.
In addition the production levels of our generators have been certified by TÜV Rheinland in different conditions of temperature and relative humidity.


Emergency Response

Emergency response units have to be deployed anywhere and need drinking water not only for staff but also for the civilians they have to help.
They usually face situations such as earthquakes or floods in which the water supply is a challenge, since the water network or roads may have been compromised. In this scenario, GENAQ Cumulus provides a reliable stand-alone emergency water supply that, once in place, can produce water without the logistical problems associated with road water transport.

Civilian Refugee Camps

These camps usually face situations with a high concentration of people in locations with water facilities not prepared to support them. GENAQ Cumulus is a reliable and continous source of water ideal for refugee camps.

​​Military / Forward Operation Base

FOBs need water supply in situations in which its transport in water trucks is the only option.
GENAQ Cumulus provides an alternative solution reducing logistical issues and improving the safety in the supply not only with regard to the continuity in the supply but also in terms of quality and sanitary of the water.