Classy Integrated Car Designs



Rich and Exotic Car Ceiling finishes


 Decoration - Wide array of Control Panels


Technical Features

Slim & High-efficient Control System

  • Control and drive systems are highly integrated and designed into PCBs. With the application of intelligent, integrated drive module (IPM), high-performance large scale integrated circuit (LSI), large-capacity DC-DC controlled power supply without transformer and control cabinets with other cutting-edge technology, the system is of minimum thickness and highly functional.
  • Super compact hall inspection panel: being placed inside the hall call of top floor, and the appearance is just equivalent to an ordinary hall call, the interior design of hall call can be more flexible, and the overall effect is much better;
  • Multi-functional integrated hall inspection panel: including observation, information display, inspection, rescue, communication, data interface and other features, which makes the maintenance and rescue for the elevator much easier and faster.

​​​​High Adaptability –Real Small Machine Room Design

MOVILIFT adopts the real small machine room design, with machine room and hoistway of the same size, not only saving the space of machine room and improving the utilization of the building, which makes the design of building more flexible, also, compared to the conventional machine room elevator, the maintenance for traction machine, control cabinets, overspeed governor and other parts is made easier and more secure.

Humanized Design

By adhering to the principles of humanity, which are "reasonable, simple and direct, with easily detected information, reduced errors, effort-saving, sufficient contact area and space", the elevator can offer simple and comfortable ride for all passengers, especially taking into account the ease of operation by disabilities .. ​

​High Performance with Intelligent CPU Control System

Application of a brand new generation of high-performance CPU technology and PCB system structure, motor drive, elevator control management, elevator communications and FPGA logic controlled multiple chip architecture to obtain the primary control system of elevator. Multi-CPU working together, greatly improves the system performance of elevator, and the redundancy protection for multi-CPU FPGA hardware monitoring improve the stability and security of the system.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine

​Long-shaped permanent magnet (PM) synchronous gearless traction machine was adopted, it effectively utilized the space between car and hoistway, reduced the headroom height, and it was with smooth operation; it was also of high system efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and no need for lubrication, which makes it more energy conserving and aids environmental protection.

Other Additional Features: