An Introduction

Movilift is a specialized complete lifts and electronics manufacturer. Among its products there are also fixtures, control boards and pre-wired solutions, always made with passion and a high level of quality.

Today, the company is focusing on the new markets dynamics and is increasingly claiming onto new manufacturing techniques, and products development. Made in Italy is a the Movilift brand has its products deployed all over the world with increasing results.

Movilift Srl has been selling in more than 45 countries, including Nigeria. The brand has partnered with MEA in creating new partnership for her Nigerian customers. With the Head Quarter in Italy and MEA team in Lagos, the Brand aims to establish new synergies in the world in order to expand into new frontiers.

​​20 Years of Great Success

The History

In the early 70’s Movilift founder, Francesco Pietrodangelo starts his experience in the elevator industry, in the family company, founded by his father, Aldo Pietrodangelo dedicated to installation and maintenance.

It’s 1999 the year Movilift is founded, its founder Francesco Pietrodangelo had already experience in the elevator industry , thanks to many years of training in the family company, he starts developing his ideas in reality, establishing himself in the national market manufacturing controllers for lifts, appreciated for their quality and technology.

In the following years Movilift expands its horizon, thanks to a efficient team and state of the art products, selling in over 40 nations worldwide, satisfying customers with our Made In Italy.


​MOVILIFT MRL: High Tech: it reduces the necessary space in fact it doesn’t need machine room. It allows Energy Saving using Permanent Magnets motor which gives elegance and comfort to our MRL lifts


  • Oil Free
  • Brushless motor to provide a quiet ride
  • No Maintenance motor
  • Saves more energy then Hydraulic
  • Performance does not vary with in extreme temperatures

Exotic Diva Lifts for Residential Use

​100% Made in Italy, suitable for any type of architectural context. It is distinguished by its silence, reliability, safety and ease of installation.

Available both with Hydraulic and MRL electric technology.

Divas is a safe elevator, in case of interruption of the mains supply, the machine automatically returns to the lowest floor.
It can be installed in new buildings or existing buildings, we may also provide a metal structure for interior or exterior.
Divas is a certified product, fully customizable in coatings and optional.

​Divas is an italian product, shipped worldwide: its design follows the highest quality standards​.

Divas is fully produced in Italy, for this reason it must follow the European Standards and most important 2006/42/CE

​Divas is a quick and easy product. It takes less then a week to be Installed. Divas needs only 150mm for the Pit. Making it easly adaptable to any project.


  • Traction  – Gearless motor
  • Capacity – From 250kg to 400kg
  • Maneuver – Maneuver APB or automatic in the cabin and automatic on the floor
  • Stops – Up to 7
  • Travel –  Max 25000mm
  • Minimum headroom – 2450 mm with manual doors, 2600mm with automatic doors
  • Minimum pit – 160mm (with linoleum floor) or 180mm (with marble ones)
  • Speed –  0,15 m/s  (on request 30 m/s – slow lift)
  • Doors – Automatic or swing
  • Power supply – 220V one-phase / three-phase
  • Motor power – From 0,6 to 1,2 k
  • Norms – EN 81.41 , 2006/42/CE


MOVILIFT hospital bed elevators are designed to provide safe, convenient transportation for everyone. An optimum mix of features ensures efficient elevator operation to meet every hospital need, from transporting patients in beds to moving medical equipment.

Also referred to as 'Bed Lifts' or 'Stretcher Lifts', MOVILIFT Hospital Type lifts are ideal for any type of health and medical centre, nursing home, clinic and hospitals of any size. Such lifts are ideal solution for secure movement of patients, patient beds, medical equipments and all the important medical staff. Our hospital bed lifts offers an extensive range of load capacities and car sizes to suit various requirments of a modernly equipped hospital. For hospital lifts we ensure advanced door sensors for safe door movement and smooth acceleration and control variable frequency drives. Safety and comfort of patients and passengers is the driving spirit of the design.

Key Features

  • Walls Panel and accessories
  • Car type : Skin plate similar to st-st SB. Perimeter bumper rails in black PVC.
  • Lights and floor
  • Flush ceiling neon light fixtures. Striped metal floor.

Goods Lift

Heavy duty elevator adapts itself to fit your needs, from its size to its equipment features and operation. Whether it’s in garages, industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, schools, or buildings for the healthcare industry. 

Depending upon your needs and the site where it is to be used, the drive may be electromechanical or electro-hydraulic.

The traction elevator system is especially suitable for complexes with heavy traffic, where multiple elevators work in group control and increase efficiency of transport.

 Hydraulic elevator systems offer an extraordinarily economical solution for low maximum rise situations of up to 18 m, particularly for single applications and for elevators for cars.


1) The Kings Plaza, Plot 307,Ahmadu Bello way, Kado, Abuja

2) Nigeria Reinsurance corporations LTD - Central Business District, Abuja

3) Air Royal Hotel, Ikorodu Road, Lagos state

4) Jankulubu Nigeria Limited, 13 Military street, Onikan, Lagos

5) Source Computer Ltd, Lekki,Lagos state

6) St, Chris Hospital, Oluwole market Marina, Lagos

7) Residential Project, Coker Estate Opposite Alausa secretariat. Ikeja Lagos

8) Kenzor Nigeria Ltd , Kamtape, Abuja.

9) Rivers House, Opposite Ministry of finance, Abuja.

10) IGI House, Zone 4, Wuse, Abuja.

11) Zitadel Nigeria Limited,Gwamripa, Abuja

12) Zitadel Nigeria LTD, Porthacourt, Nigeria

Other Project References