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Known the world over, Mitsubishi is a trusted global leader associated with a variety of products and services. Founded in 1921, the company known today as Mitsubishi Electric, quickly rose to the forefront of the heating and cooling industry, a position we still enjoy today.

As a leading manufacturer of energy efficient heat pump systems, we constantly strive to meet and exceed the increasing demands placed on our industry. The drive to reduce energy consumption and the impact its use has on the environment is crucial and increasingly important to us all. Energy efficiency, has long driven Mitsubishi Electric to spend millions of pounds and huge amounts of resource on researching and developing the solutions of the future.


Mitsubishi Electric boasts an explicit commitment to sustainable business practices such as energy and resource efficiency, minimising ecological impacts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. All our factories are ISO14001 registered, the international standard that ensures that our manufacturing processes ensure optimum environmental performance and tight control on waste. Mitsubishi Electric's manufacturing facility in Livingston, Scotland produces our range of air source heat pumps for the UK and European markets.

We have also gone further than any accepted minimum standards. Our global Environmental Vision 2021 provides a goal for a lower emission future that influences all our policy decisions.

Our UK Green Gateway Initiative takes this vision even further as it looks to install behavioural change in our own operations and our wider sphere of influence with contractors, consultants and end users. It looks to highlight the advantages and opportunities provided, by ensuring all our activity is undertaken with consideration to the environment.

We are also proud to be a partner within Sustainable Energy Europe, whose stated aim is to raise awareness of energy use in Europe.

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Mitsubishi Electric has been designing and manufacturing commercial hot water heat pumps since 1970.
Mitsubishi Electric was one of the first manufacturers in Japan to utilize heat pump technology to provide hot water. We were also the first manufacturer to develop
R407C products, which can supply hot water of up to 70ºC, high enough to eliminate legionella bacteria.

We quickly rose to the forefront of hot water supply industry in Japan - a position we still enjoy today.

Our products are mainly used in commercial applications, such as hotels, hospitals, or nursing homes, which means our products are highly reliable.
As a leading manufacturer of hot water supply industry, we proudly introduce our high efficient new Hot Water Heat Pump system.

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